Monthly Archives: July 2013

Your mom sucking my cock

I know that this kind of sucks but its a true story and it has to be said. Martin is a friend of mine. Hes gay and is the best party organizer in the fucking world. The last party he took care of was my mothers 45th birthday and he brought his mom that happens […]

Nice rack who do they belong to?

Many have said in the comments that its MysteryKitty . I’ll say that you’re close, but it’s not her. They both have incredible boobs but I guarantee you they’re two different people. Thats the funny thing about it, see I can tell you who is who in the pornstar world by only looking at a […]

Gina from Milan Italy

It really didn’t take me that long to fuck this babe. She was here in Canada for the adult festival and was presenting a gay men website that she had just opened and from what I can see is becoming very popular on the web. So as I work for a gay webcam network we […]